Stockroom Shelving

  Wood stockrooms provide more flexibility than metal. Wood material can be cut, modified and secured unlike metal systems. Lundia Wood stockroom shelving has been around for half a century. Nothing has been more tested than our authentic Lundia wood shelving. Call us to see how we can provide a stockroom solution for you. It's toll free in the USA: (888) 989-1370 or click here to submit a request

Two Lundia Stockroom solutions to choose from:
Standard Stockroom
Shelving Solutions
High Density
Stockroom Solutions
Lundia High Density Stockroom Shelving Systems
Double your storage:
With Lundia High Density Stockroom Shelving systems you can almost double your stockroom inventory in the same amount of space. Our mobile racks eliminate the need for aisles between each row of shelves. In most cases simple sliding carriages are more than enough, however in larger stockrooms we offer mechanical assisted systems capable of moving a tremendous amount of weight with very little effort. If you would like to see more information, please check out our "High Density Storage" section or give us a call. Calls within the USA, are toll-free (888) 989-1370. Calls outside the USA (Including Canada), please call (909) 599-1370.