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Product Warranty 10 Years 1 year Nothing proves the durability of a product more than a manufacturers warranty! Our systems typically last well over 25 years and longer!  No other source even comes close to a warranty like ours. Your system will take incredible abuse with daily loading and unloading of bags that weigh and average of 25 to 30 lbs and some as heavy as 50 lbs. If your system isn't built to handle it over the long haul, no amount of savings can justify a cheaper system.
10 Years  NO warranty We are the ONLY source that even warranties labor. That is how confident we are of our Golf Bag Storage Systems. If you have a defective part that needs replacing 9 years after purchase, not only will we provide the part, but our installer will come to your site and replace it for you!
Mechanical Assist Systems YES Not always available Mechanical assisted systems means you can move more storage with less effort and FASTER. With our mechanical assist systems you can move 12 rows all at once instead of moving one row at a time. It also enables us to provide higher storage capacities with extra deep bays (30' deep bays??? no problem!).
Longer Carriage Systems YES, we do go over 30' long Usually no. Some are limited to only 9' With our mechanical assist and special gear driven systems there is almost no limit to the length of our carriages. This usually means that our systems can store more bags for you. Let us show you the difference in our bag plan layout.
Doing this since the 1970's Some are only a few years old! We were the very first manufacturer to create a High Density Golf Bag Storage System back in the early 1970's. Over 40 years of experience in making our system the best. That's why we can offer such a substantial warranty!




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