Lundia High Density Storage Systems
Specifications for Architects:
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We are including our specifications below for Architects who want to specify our authentic Lundia High Density Storage System. You are welcome to copy this information for your own use:

Shelves are to be manufactured of 3/4" edge-glued and finger-jointed pine.
All shelf materials are to be machined to accept formed aluminum extrusions shaped to fit into a routed slot on the end of the shelf and to rest on the shelf support pins. End channels are to be flush with our below shelf faces.
Typical shelving sizes are 12"deep x 36, 42 or 48"wide unless noted otherwise. Shelves to be finished with clear protective lacquer.
Uprights are to be manufactured from clear, solid hemlock or Douglas fir. Two 1-5/16" x 1-5/8" stiles are to have a 3/8" wide x 5/8" deep plow the entire height to receive shelf end channels and are to be drilled with 3/16" diameter holes on 2" centers to allow for shelf adjustability. Stiles are to be locked together with two or more cross members mortised into the stiles. All components are to be machined smooth with all outside corners eased. Uprights to be finished with clear protective lacquer.
Backs and/or sides to be closed with finished panels or HPL laminate surface panels.
Mobile Track is required under all wheel channels. Track is to be .624"high with 45 degree bevels on both sides to prevent tripping during use. Top three sides are serrated to prevent marring. Two rolls of C-1095 blue tempered spring steel hardened to 56 Rockwell C scale inserted into the housing to act as a riding surface for the wheels. The inserts are held in place by .043" flanges on both sides. Two .187" hardened roll pins hold any/all splices together with a 1"inset in both sides of the splice.
Carriage frames to support shelving and allow movement along the track are extruded 6063-T6 aluminum. The standard rail is 2" x .125" serrated two sides to prevent marring. The rail for the shaft driven carriage is 3 1/4" x length of the carriage section as specified on layout. The channel is 1.875" x 1.125" with .375 solid legs for maximum load bearing without distortion.  The corners are minimum 3" x .125" with a 1" lip above the carriage surface. The mid-plates are 3" x 3" square. Both pieces have a black enamel baked finish.
Wheels are 6063 permanently sealed, self-lubricating, high revolution bearing. Static load bearing capacity is 1,430 lbs. per wheel.
Optional Mechanical Assist Systems are front driven on carriages over 8'long but under 16'long where the overall weight does not exceed 20 tons. Seven turns of the handle are required to access a 36" aisle. System only requires 1 lb. of pressure to move 1,000 lbs. of golf bag storage.
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