Starter Units & Add On Units
These are assemblies that are made of solid wood "Uprights" and "Freestanding Kits"  Click here to see how our units are assembled

Horizontal Surfaces are made of Solid Select Pine (Shelves)

Vertical Surfaces are made of Solid Select Hemlock (Uprights, cross rails, drawer fronts and doors)

Uprights are manufactured from clear, Solid Hemlock. Two 1-3/8" x 1-5/8" stiles have a 3/8" wide x 5/8" deep plow the entire height to receive shelf end channels and are drilled with 3/16" diameter holes on 1" centers to allow for shelf adjustability. Stiles are locked together with two or more cross members mortised into the stiles. All components are machined smooth with all outside corners eased. Uprights are available unfinished sanded smooth or in clear water based lacquer or select tinted water based finishes.

Shelves are manufactured of approximately 3/4" solid select pine.
All shelf materials are machined to accept formed aluminum extrusions shaped to fit into a routed slot on the end of the shelf and to rest on the shelf support pins.
Shelves are available unfinished sanded smooth or in clear water based lacquer or select tinted water based finishes.

Cross Rails (Freestanding Kits) are manufactured from 3/4"thick Solid Hemlock. This kit includes 4 boards and hardware. Two boards connect uprights at the bottom and two connect at the top to create a Starter Frame or Add On Frame. Bolts and special embedded barrel nuts are used to securely bolt frames together. A simple "Allen" wrench is all that is needed to screw the boards together with the uprights (Allen wrench is included).




Our drawers are made of 5/8"thick solid wood sides (4 sides) and then we have a 3/4"thick solid wood drawer front. All joints are finely crafted German Dovetail, guaranteed to last you for life. Compare our drawers. You will not find a better made drawer than ours.
Professional Cabinet or Furniture makers will tell you that the Hallmark of quality in ANY piece of furniture starts with the drawer. If you want to verify the quality of a wood desk or furniture piece, open the drawers. Look at how the drawer box is assembled. Because the drawer is constantly moving and taking abuse it will be the first item to breakdown.

The cheapest drawers are made with butt joints or slip joints. Only the finest craftsmen will use German Dovetail construction. It is the most durable joinery in woodworking. Some manufacturers will use a combination of dovetail and butt joints. Our drawer boxes have German Dovetails at all four corners.

Next look how many "Sides" there are. Our drawers are called a 5 sided drawer box. That is because the drawer itself is manufactured as a separate box. Then the drawer front is attached afterward. If the drawer front is actually the front of the box, you will eventually pull apart the joints. Every time you pull on a drawer you a putting pressure on the front joints of a 4 sided drawer box. A 5 sided drawer box like ours eliminates that problem.


  We cannot "Guarantee" exactly how much weight our shelves will hold.

As you can see by this dated photo, our shelving is built to hold a tremendous amount of weight. However, we do not recommend holding a dozen men on our shelves!

Lundia shelving will deflect if it is overloaded. If you are going to load heavy books, we recommend shorter shelving lengths (i.e. 24", 30" or 36"widths). A 42" or 48" shelf may show slight deflection on heavy loads.

We have included photos below to show you how our shelves can deflect based on the shelf width and how much weight. All the shelves below are 12" deep for our example.


Click image for a larger view
  Our 24"wide Solid Wood Shelf with 500 lbs of weight.
Notice that there is still NO deflection in the shelf
(Compare the line of the yellow string to the shelf)


IMPORTANT: We do not guarantee the weight capacities or how much weight will make your shelf deflect. This is to give you a general idea. Since wood is a natural product, every shelf can and will react differently to weight.

More details on weight capacity can be found at