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Did you buy your Lundia from the Container Store?
Unfortunately Lundia purchased from the Container Store is not the same as LundiaUSA.
This Lundia or "Skandia" was made in Europe, not the USA
We are sorry to inform you but.....Lundia or Skandia purchased from the Container Store will not work in any way with our Lundia made here in the USA. Skandia/Lundia from the Container Store was made in "Centimeters" whereas our Lundia USA is made in "Inches".
These two systems are under the Lundia Brand, but they are in no way interchangeable. Shelves will not fit and sizes are different.

Lundia made in Europe will not interchange with Lundia USA
If you purchased your Lundia in Europe, our parts will not work with your European system, even though they look alike.

Contact www.Lundia.com to reach Lundia in Europe and find where you can purchase additional parts and pieces.

Or you might try the container store online. Here is a direct link:

Above unit is NOT Lundia USA