New Shelf Design!
Our new "Earth Friendly" design now uses recyclable metal and less material, but is actually stronger and easier to use!
New Design:
Not to worry......our new end channels will work with any and all authentic Lundia USA uprights.....old and new....even our original uprights dating back to the late 1960's. You will find that they actually work better! No more chance of "Pinched" metal ends that made it difficult to slide in and out of our uprights. In addition,  you will no longer have the potential problem of the end channel not being centered on the shelf. And last but not least, our new design shows all wood instead of the exposed metal on the ends. This really makes a much better presentation on our displays, especially on side by side sections where shelves are lined up on the same shared upright.

Best of all this new design is much better for our environment.....recyclable aluminum material and less usage of material (And yet it is stronger!).


Old Design: