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Lundia Product Review:
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Lundia Product Review:


Dear Fellow consumers:
I am delighted to recommend to you Lundia Closet Systems. I recently purchased a Lundia closet system from Recom Group, to fit on a 13’ wall of a walk in closet. From my first contact with design consultant Lynn Bischoff to the assembly of the closet, everything was impeccable, seamless, well thought out, and frankly the best design I have ever seen not just for closet systems but for any product, it is simply brilliant and a work of genius! I am a fairly fussy, picky, demanding and critical consumer. I have not found a single fault with this product. In fact I have not found a single thing about this product that isn’t absolutely perfect and brilliant! I mean that literally. Everything from the packaging on up is perfect. Over and over again as I was assembling the closet, which was very easy, I had to stop and admire the brilliance of the design, and found myself saying how smart is that! In addition the system is very flexible and adjustable. Without any equivocation at all I give Lundia closet systems and Recom group, and Lynn Bischoff my very highest and unequivocal recommendation.

Dave F.,          Eugene, Oregon
Finish: Cherry Finish

Just a note to let you know that we have finally finished installing our closets and I am very happy to say that they look GREAT! The material is top quality and the stain finish blends perfectly with our log home decor. It is obvious that your closets were professionally made and packaged. We are extremely glad that we chose your company over previously considered ones for this project. 
Thank you,
Maria & Michael M.

Maria & Michael M,          Burlingham, NY
Finish: Pecan Finish

We recently moved into an 1898 Queen Anne Victorian in San Francisco which had no real closet space.  During remodeling, we cannibalized a small bedroom and made a master bedroom walk in closet.  We shopped locally and online for a closet system as custom a design as possible AND wanted real wood, NOT plastic covered particle board.  Custom wood cabinet makers were prohibitively expensive...LUNDIA was a great alternative.
We worked with Lynn at LUNDIA for our design and ordering options.  She could not have been more patient with our numerous telephone calls and emails.  She was clearly as interested as we were in making sure the design, appearance, function and price of the closet system was appropriate to the space and our remodel as possible.  It helped greatly to know what your closet needs are for hanging vs. shelving space.
The LUNDIA design, function and pricing was comparable to the many closet system company options except the LUNDIA closet system is all wood.  The finished product (ours was cherry stained) is clearly well made, engineered, inspected and without defects-- the packaging of the entire system was itself remarkable.
Assembly was not difficult though we went slowly to measure out even shelf spacing. The finished product looks great, is sturdy and remarkably functional.  Don't forget to ask for closed end panels for the closet sides to the open shelving, though the design team will undoubtedly suggest this as an option.   

Very happy overall with LUNDIA !

John O,          San Francisco, California
Finish: Cherry

Good morning Eddie:
I hope this message finds you well. Our closet was put together yesterday. I just L.O.V.E. it! Starting right from the beginning, as we started emailing, my experience with your company has been exemplary. Your interaction is professional yet cordial. Once we placed our order, I eagerly awaited "The Arrival". And, when it made its appearance a few days ago, it did so showing thoughtful care. The boxes were clearly labeled and neatly wrapped. When we unboxed the system, we uncovered further evidence of pride in workmanship and product. The pieces were well protected with minimal packaging
. There was no fumbling around wondering where a piece was because it was all labeled! Similarly, the directions that you included made the installation process a dream. Thanks to measuring -- more than twice ;) -- it all fit . . . like it was supposed to.
Eddie, the end product -- our finished closet, looks really beautiful. I am sorry that it is our personal closet since I would love to show it off to the entire world. Your design has an elegance to it since there are no wasted materials included. AND -- THE BEST PART -- when you walk by the closet it smells like WOOD!!! Yes, actual wood!!!
 A bit of the forest in our home. 
Thank you and all of your team who worked to create this wonderful product!! We really, really are appreciative of a business that takes pride in what they do -- that, in and of itself, is almost (sadly) a lost art in today's world.
With great appreciation to all at Lundia,

Deborah C.,          Hope Sound, FL
Finish: Clear

After 20 years of having semi-adjustable “conventional” furniture store bookcases that did not hold all my books, I stumbled across Lundia in an Internet search.  That was the best thing I have found in years!  The shelves are totally adjustable (holes every inch to adjust shelves to fit your books).  They are solid wood, but very light weight.  I am a 64 year old, small built woman, who was able to put the shelving together myself and move it by myself to the area I needed it in.
The previously owned conventional shelves were extremely heavy and did not hold all of my books.  Lundia shelving holds every one of my books w/room to spare!  This shelving is amazing!
At the beginning of the process, I worked with Lynn, who is just as kind and sweet as can be.  I just told her what I needed/wanted and she helped me even put the order online. Thank you Lynn!
I am a true and dedicated believer in Lundia shelving and will recommend this company to everyone!

Dianne G,          New Hill, NC
Finish: Pecan

I appreciate your customer service very much!  I will definitely recommend you all to friends and family.  My friend had horrible service with pottery barn of all places and that makes me not want to even shop there!!! So thank you!!

Heather  W,          Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Finish: Painted White

Thank you so much. We're very happy with the closets!

Peter & Bev K.,          Sedona, Arizona
Finish: Cherry

Once I got the hang of it, it was super easy to assemble. . It looks totally custom installed and built in-even the shoe section fits perfectly!!! Thank you so much!

Jill M.,          Brooklyn, New York
Finish: Clear

This came in half the price of The Container Store’s top of the line closet and California Closet!. I prefer real wood; I’m so excited. 

Karen W.,          Cincinnati, Ohio
Finish: Painted White

Just letting you know that the drawers arrived yesterday … they look beautiful.  Thanks again for all your support!  We’ll make sure to recommend your services and products to others

Betsy & Benedikt H.,          New York, NY

Finish: Unfinished

Thank you all very much! You guys are great!"

Nancy B.,          Washington D.C.
Finish: Clear

"I've been meaning to email you to let you know we love the closet components.  I finally got them all stained and up and we are extremely happy with them!  We will be back for more!  Thank you again for all your help!"

Sharon & Allan R.,          Jefferson City, TN
Finish: Unfinished

First off I want to thank you for all your time and attention with me and the closet order. Fedex delivered everything in a timely manner and nothing was beat up! It took several days to unpack everything of course due to the fabulous and meticulous packing that your company does. I was amazed every time I opened a box! Truly, it was a sight to see. Great work!!! I had to work through the process of shelving, drawers and hang bars. As far as what to install first. I'm sure every customer, order size and configuration is a factor. It was a fun and challenging job! I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I absolutely love the product! The wood is beautiful. And beautiful solid maple drawer boxes! I'm just so impressed!!

Nancy V.,          Green Cove Springs, FL
Finish: Clear

Hi Jes, Just a note to say thank you for your help.  The closet is done.  Everything looks and fits great.  What a wonderful product.  Please pass this along.

Greg R.,          Yardley, PA
Finish: Painted White

Our closet system arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition. It took my wife and I about 3 hours to completely assemble the unit.  It looks nice and well-constructed.  There was a small learning curve on the drawers and a small deviation to deal with the support member in the middle of the uprights. By the time we went to bed we'd unpacked a lot our clothes into the unit. Thanks so much.  Nice product and great customer service.

Scott N.,          Sea Ranch, CA
Finish: Clear



Hey guys,
Here’s a couple shots of the finished product. Where the shoe racks are is where the original closet was. The remainder is repurposed attic space above the garage. I appreciate your help, it turned out nice and most importantly, the boss is happy!

Martin B.,          Clinton, WI
Finish: Cherry


I love my new closet! For only a small price over what I would have paid closet companies to put in particle board....I have real wood! Lundia closet systems are very easy to put together and great quality! Lynn Bischoff helped me every step of the way. She gave me suggestions, put together CAD drawings, ordered everything, and kept me up to date on the manufacturing and delivery. I was amazed also on how carefully packaged everything was. There was not a single thing damaged or missing. Putting it together was nice and easy with great full color step by step instructions.

Alex L,          Boulder City, NV
Finish: Painted White


The Lundia Simple Closet is cleverly designed and engineered so that I, a 53-year-old skinny woman with a weak back, was able to put it together without any assistance. Looks simple when you see it all together, but this solid wood closet has the intricate details that made it come together without frustration and without duct tape. The cost is around the same or not much more than the Ikea Pax system which is pressed wood. The only problem I had with assembly was that they forgot to send 8 essential screws (the only thing missing and considering how this thing is made, that is impressive!), but even they were easy to find at Lowes (meaning someone at Lundia considered the need to have universal and easy to find screws). I mean, they even sent shims for the drawer front placements (which, I used incorrectly as you can see in the pic by the slight gap on one side of the system). I am planning to order another closet for my son.

Heather M,          Gainesville, FL
Finish: Painted White


Closet received nicely packaged and installed!

Michael M,          Williamstown, VT
Finish: Natural Clear

"Thank you very much. My parents LOVE their closets!"
Anne A.,          Beverly Hills, California             
Finish: Clear


Eddie, Thank you and your colleagues for a quality product and even better customer service.

Aditya N.,          Rockville, MD
Finish: Unfinished (Client applied their own finish)


Very happy!

Holly H.,          Kensington, NH
Finish: Painted White (Custom pulls by client)


"Our closet turned out amazing. The virtue of your system is the versatility. There are endless combinations if you get creative. Due to this we were able to make use of just about every square inch of our space". (Photos are during installation)
John N.,          Rockville Centre, NY          
Finish: White Wash

Thank you!  9'high closet
Guenter W.,          Summerville, SC          
Finish: Clear      Note: These are 108"high

It was a great process! I did it myself completely with zero issues.
Kori J.,          East Grandby, CT         
Finish: Pecan   

We are very pleased with the final product, many thanks to you and all there at the Recom Group for quality products and services!  You’ll see in the pictures I’ve hung double barn type doors on the entrance of the closet. These can be opened from the middle or one either side as to access the shelf units from outside or inside the closet.  The shorter units are mounted on the rails inside the closet and can be moved to access the extra room behind them or to make more room inside at either end.  I did not use the 84” upright frames in this closet as the time constraints didn’t allow for me to wait.  I plan on using these in my next project, one of our bathrooms.  Thank you all again!
Michael T.,          Sheridan, WY         
Finish: Clear      Note: This was on our Sliding Closet System

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this closet! Everyone loves it and can’t believe I put it together on my own. And that it’s real wood.

Teresa S.,          Floyds Knobs, IN    
Finish: Clear     




"The packing was very well done, please extend our happiness with your shipping crew. They really know how to pack!! We put it all together this weekend! It looks so awesome!
Kathy D.,          Fredericksburg, Texas         
Finish: Clear Shelves and Black Uprights Two Tone


I love, love, love the closet.  The sliding racks work great. We adjusted one of the racks to better fit Marc’s shirts, and it was easy to do. We’re very happy with the system.

Connie and Marc S.,          Murrieta, California         "
Finish: Cordovan                  SPECIAL: Sliding Closet System



"Thank you so much. You guys have been absolutely wonderful to work with on this project. It is so nice and EVERYONE that sees it loves it and asks where we got the shelving from. It’s turned out so nice that we may not put the doors back on the closet!"
Brent & Joyie H.,          St Petersburg, Florida
Finish: White Wash




"Thanks so much for your super response! Dealing with Lynn and Jes has always been a real pleasure. They have been attentive, responsive, knowledgeable, etc.. If I had known this was going to be this easy and fun to assemble Lundia shelving, Lou and I would have assembled the Closet and Man Cave ourselves and saved ourselves a bundle of money—and had all the fun to boot."
Jack and Lou K.,          Dallas, Texas
Finish: Cherry


"Thank You"

Peter S.,          New York, NY        
Finish: Clear


"Very Happy"
Fred S.,          Clermont, Florida    
Finish: Unfinished (Client finished it himself)




"Thanks for all the help!"
Bob B.,          San Francisco, California         
Finish: Cordovan


"We Love Them! :)   Orion worked so hard, staining and painting!"
Kathleen & Orion J.,          New York, NY               
Finish: Custom 2 tone by customer


"This year we decided to give our store a fresh new look. After extensive research we decided on an all wood, natural finish drawers, shelves and garment racks system from LundiaUSA. Everything we needed arrived well packaged, undamaged, all components properly identified and with clear instructions for relatively easy assembly. We're happy to recommend LundiaUSA for your home or business project. Feel free to contact us at Tuxedo Fashions in San Jose, CA"
Bart W.,          San Jose, CA               
Finish: Clear                



The shelving looks wonderful.  I want to thank you and your staff so much for all your help. 
Susan S.,          St. Louis, Missouri              
Finish: Clear